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DC pic we are here for you newsletter October 2018

Back Row: Stacey Elliott (DBN), Seamus O’Neill (BOT), Dewald Cillie (JHB), Des Stephens (ZIM), Carri Poultney (EC), Margie Gitau (KEN), Nic Konstandoudakis (MP), Carla Gillham (DBN)

Front Row: Kevin Watson (DBN), Cecily Melia (CPT), Anthony Courtenay (DBN), Sean van der Maas (ZAM), Andre du Toit (DBN), Yvonne Inglis (DBN)


Emergencies occur anywhere and at any time. No-one can predict an emergency, and the best way to manage them properly is to be prepared for them. While preparation is essential there may, however, be times when outside help is needed. When this happens, time is vital. Any time wasted getting those aid workers to the scene can literally mean the difference between life and death.


SATIB Insurance Brokers considered this and we took a lot of time thinking about how we can assist our clients manage this better. What we developed is, an outstanding product which cuts out on time wasting and gets emergency help to you, you staff and guests in quick time. No waiting. No fuss.


Through our partnership with Special Projects and Services Limited (SPS) we are able to put you in touch with one of the most advanced Operations Centres in the world. What’s more, this Ops Centre is staffed with experts in their field who have vast experience in dealing with emergencies. Not only that, these experts have a network of allied service providers around the world – including throughout Africa and South Africa – who will come to your aid whenever you need it.


As I’ve said before, SATIB Insurance Brokers is here for you. This means cover for every aspect of your business. This extends to the Directors and Officers of your company. Read the article in this newsletter on our D&O Insurance Cover. If you have never considered this before, maybe now is the time to do so.


We are lulled into a false sense of security, believing we are secure against all eventualities. Our D&O cover is one aspect of cover many companies overlook and I strongly advise you, if you are in a company, to take a closer look at this insurance before it’s too late.


As our summer months heat up we are expecting more visitors to our country – and from within our country. Be prepared and be covered, and rest easy knowing that while you are running your business SATIB is looking out for you every step of the way.