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Our unique selling point

SATIBOur unique selling point

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South Africa is a remarkable country. We are a country of extraordinary beauty and diversity; our landscape changes from one province to the other and breath-taking views are often used to ‘sell’ our country abroad.


It’s this beauty and diversity SATIB uses in our latest corporate video to capture the essence of what we have to offer our guests. As our Marketing Manager explains in the article on the video in this newsletter, the new video (the second produced by SATIB) explores the country’s rich tourism offering through the use of stunning images and videos, and clearly expresses our ethos of constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the travel and leisure industry.


This video is well worth watching, and I urge you to share it with not only your friends and family, but with clients and guests. It is a great piece of work which, I think, will make your chest swell with pride.


Summer is here (did we all miss spring?) and that means hours either watching sport live at a sports venue, or on television. But do we ever stop to think about the people who bring us hours of endless entertainment, joy and thrills, and what happens when they can’t perform any longer?


SATIB considered this very carefully, and we developed a product called Professional Sports Income Protection. It’s a product for anyone who derives an income from sports oriented professional participation, advice or instruction (but excludes rugby).


The purpose of this insurance is to cover any loss of earnings (such as salaries, match or appearance fees, or sponsorships and endorsements) due to accidental injury or illness derived from professional sports.

This is a unique product and, we believe, again places us at the pinnacle of providing innovative solutions to our clients. It’s a hallmark of our approach to develop products such as this; I believe it also our ability to set the pace in our industry instead of keeping it.

I again want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend a few moments with SATIB, to read our articles and get a better understanding of what we do, and how we operate.


I want to again urge you to make this an interactive newsletter. How do you that? Write us a letter, send us an email and comment on what you’ve read. If you’d like us to cover a specific topic, please let us know and we’ll work towards including it in future editions.