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Traveller narrowly escapes certain tragedy

SATIBTraveller narrowly escapes certain tragedy

facebook post for geckolodge incident 21 Nov 2018

At roughly 17:00 on the 22nd October 2018, at Gecko Lodge in Hazyview, a guest was feeling ill during dinner, so retired to his room to rest. After dinner his partner went to check on him, and found him collapsed on the bedroom floor. Mrs X alerted lodge staff, who immediately placed a call with the SATIB24 Crisis Call Operations Centre. The call was transferred to the local medical team who telephonically assessed the patient and called for an ambulance. The lodge staff were updated on the wellbeing of their client and the telephonic assessment was that Mr X had possibly suffered with Hypertension. This information was also relayed to the medical personnel from SATIB24 working on the case from the Operations Centre.


On arrival at the lodge, the paramedics suggested Mr X had suffered a stroke, but that further tests were required to confirm this. He was stabilised and transported by ambulance to the Nelspruit Mediclinic. Doctors and hospital staff awaited the arrival of Mr X. A handover between the paramedics and hospital staff took place and further medical tests commenced. Mr X was placed in ICU and later that evening was taken for a CT scan. Due to his feelings of disorientation and confusion Mr X was not able to keep still enough for the medical staff to obtain clear CT scan images. He was sedated for the CT scan, which confirmed a CVA (Stroke). Further tests were requested by the doctor.


The next morning Mr X was still on ventilation, but had been weaned off the sedatives. He was monitored during the day and prepared for an MRI scan which would take place later that evening.


After 16 days in ICU, the SATIB24 medical team, Doctors and hospital staff thought it would be safe to transport for Mr X back to the Reunion Islands, via Air Ambulance, where he could continue receiving medical attention at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Felix Guyon. (CHU Hospital).


Anja Barnard, Managing Director, Gecko Lodge

Dear Nick

I just would like to say to THANK YOU to SATIB24 and the whole team!

The emergency was handled very professionally with a quick response!   Even though I was alone at the Lodge on duty, I did not feel alone! The Team was professional, friendly, helpful and calm!

I received a phone call from the tour leader yesterday, and she told me that the patient is still in ICU and critical. That is so sad. Also a BIG thank you from her.

Keep it up. It is good to know we are not alone when things go wrong

Thank you again