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Setting the pace – not chasing it

SATIBSetting the pace – not chasing it

newsletter image for the corp video


SATIB Insurance Brokers never stops evolving. In any industry meeting the needs of clients is only part of a bigger picture.  Another, perhaps more important element, is to constantly be aware of market forces and trends and to adapt offerings which lead the way.


Our intention is never to keep pace with other competitors; our intention has always been to provide our clients with products and services against which other companies measure their products and services. This approach means we have an extensive offering which is evolving all the time. It’s good for us as a brand yes, but, ultimately, it’s all to the benefit of our clients.


This vision – and passion for South Africa – is embodied in the company’s newest corporate video. It explores the country’s rich tourism offering through the use of stunning images and videos and clearly expresses SATIB’s ethos of constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the travel and leisure industry.


SATIB is not just a company which only caters to game lodges and safari operators. We still do that, naturally, but we have grown to become much, much more than that. A clear indication of this is that we represent the tourism and leisure industry as a whole.


It’s a bold statement but one backed by a critical measure of credibility. SATIB Insurance Brokers are the preferred risk advisors to the South Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA), and the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA).


With credentials such as this, it’s not difficult to understand why SATIB is considered the premier broker for the industry, one which doesn’t only identify change but which embraces it to provide effective solutions to clients.


Finding a trusted partner in any sector is always a key driver of success. Many companies spend a lot of time and resources looking for the right people or companies to associate with. Given our track record, our offering to clients, the partners we have, and the list of companies who trust us, it isn’t surprising that we are the leaders in this field.


The current video – the second produced by SATIB since the first in June 2017 – is a remarkable piece of storytelling which will lift your spirits and give you a renewed pride in your country.