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Do you really have your staff’s best interests at heart?

SATIBDo you really have your staff’s best interests at heart?

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“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.”

Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group.


This is a principle/ program many companies have been focusing on for a while now – working on their staff’s wellbeing. It is no longer viewed as a ‘nice thing to do’. It is something which has proved to be imperative.  Taking care of their employees, creating a comfortable and exciting workspace where all feel productive, incentivised and appreciated.


Tour operators, ground handlers and establishments are measured against their delivery. Was the itinerary perfectly organised, with transfers that linked well? Were the vehicles or small plane used by the ground handlers clean, well maintained, with the comfortable viewing options in all-weather conditions?


We all know what a couple of poor reviews on TripAdvisor can do to one’s company and reputation. A guests experience is largely a direct result of your staff’s engagement with them. Disconnected staff who feel unappreciated and who have worked long hours without reprieve will not be able to engage to the industry standards required.


You may be thinking that you do have wonderful staff, living in a comfortable environment and that you show them they are appreciated and remunerated for their services.


Why is it then, that in the hospitality industry the guest’s safety and wellbeing is of utmost importance, but what is often forgotten or overlooked is the welfare of staff?


Our records show that of the 10,000 plus incidents we have been involved in over the last 15 years of SATIB24 being available to the industry, 63% had been staff related.  Our gut feeling is that this percentage could be higher! (generally staff incidents are dealt with internally whereas the guests profile is raised, we get these notifications as a matter of priority and are able to ensure the best possible outcome.


Our message to you is that there is SATIB24 Staff Cover available. It’s affordable and super important.  Industry staff don’t always have the right medical cover in place and at least SATIB24 Staff Cover can get them the immediate access to remote medical advice, stabilise the situation and then get them to the most appropriate point of care thereafter.


Furthermore, the duty of care of those in the tourism and leisure industry, safari operators, lodge owners, hotel owners and the community at large is not only to look after their guests but most certainly to look after their staff while they are working on their property or within their operation and this is severely neglected.


It certainly is a duty of care for those playing in the tourism industry to have some form of cover or access to an assistance provider like SATIB24.


Give us a call, we are here to help you, help YOU.