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Our business, your newsletter

SATIBOur business, your newsletter

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Change is never easy: not for the people directly involved in making the changes, nor for the people who are affected by it. But change is necessary for growth in any company, and SATIB is no exception. And, it is most often those companies who adapt quickest to change who come out of the process better, stronger, and more able to tackle the future.


We have gone through some monumental changes at SATIB the past 12 months. Among these has been my appointment as Managing Director in January. Without the unwavering support and dedication of the founders and staff at SATIB, this process would not have been as smooth as it has been. For that I am grateful.


I am also grateful for the loyalty of our clients without whom our company wouldn’t exist. We are in business to service your needs but, perhaps more importantly, we are here to ensure any eventuality or incident which crosses your path is managed as professionally and efficiently as possible. I believe we honour this commitment every day. The feedback from our customers is testimony to this.


An important ingredient in the success of a company, I believe, is in the way it communicates with its customers. Form letters, notices about the company, and the occasional email are all important and necessary. But regular, planned communication on developments at the company looking beyond the immediate and routine is also important. This keeps customers informed about events they ordinarily wouldn’t know about it.


With this in mind we have decided to provide you with a short monthly newsletter giving you some background on our company and outlining some of the things we are busy with. What you are reading now is the first edition of that newsletter.


Here you will read about developments within SATIB; some of the things may not be new to you, others will be. As we progress with this newsletter our hope is that we will provide you with information that gives you more insight into how we operate, and why are considered to be the best at what we do.


For instance, you will read in this inaugural newsletter about the establishment of our Mauritius operations, our involvement with other companies, and the benefits these mergers will have for you.


Another exciting development recently was our newly-formed association with London-based Specialist Projects and Services Limited (SPS). SPS is a leading independent security and risk management consultancy, specializing in delivering expert operational solutions to clients. We have already communicated about this development with you, so I won’t go into more detail here about this agreement.


SATIB is a unique business, offering insurance services which focus on tourism, travel and hospitality. No other company concentrates on this sector, although some may offer competing products as part of larger suites of products, none have the industry knowledge and expertise we do.


And we have big plans for the future. Our goal is to have a presence in every African country. But, we understand Africa is a unique business environment and each territory has its own insurance legislation. So, for now, we will be taking small steps to ensure whatever we do, as we have done in the past, is sustainable and, critically, of benefit to clients.


With this newsletter we want to keep you informed about our business and I hope you enjoy reading it. Communication is never a one-way street so I also want to urge you to communicate with us. Please give us feedback on our newsletter, and perhaps even suggest some topics you’d like to see us cover in future editions. This is not our newsletter, it is yours, so take this opportunity and share your thoughts with us.