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Motor Recoveries

SATIBMotor Recoveries

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Motor recoveries is a value-added service that SATIB offers clients who are on our binder facility and assists our Underwriters in reducing the costs of claims incurred.


When an Insured suffers a loss as a result of a motor accident, where they were not at fault, they are inconvenienced in so many ways, including the expenses they unexpectedly incur.


The SATIB Claims Department assists in getting the motor vehicles repaired, and these costs are paid by SATIB in terms of the insurance policy with us. Our clients are however directly responsible for the excess payment to the repairers (first amount payable) prior to their vehicle being released by the repairer. When not at fault, this is not only inconvenient, but affects them financially too.


We at SATIB understand the frustrations and inconvenience caused to our clients, and for this reason, we assist with the recovery of such costs from the negligent party, or their Insurers, accordingly. Should we not receive full details on the Third Party, we appoint investigators to locate them, confirm their financial status, and establish whether they have any insurance cover in place.


We attempt a full recovery of costs, inclusive of the Insured’s excess amount, and if successful, we reimburse their excess payment, so they are not left out of pocket. A full recovery of costs from the other party has a positive effect on their claim’s history. It is noted, and at renewal, is taken into consideration.


Should we be unable to recover costs or experience any difficulties with the third party or their insurers, we engage our Attorneys, who issue a Summons and appropriate legal action. This service is included in the Insured’s policy cover.