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Once known as the ‘bread basket of Africa’…

SATIBOnce known as the ‘bread basket of Africa’…

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Zimbabwe is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Whilst we are all aware of the very sad predicament Zimbabweans find themselves in, if you a cautious about how you go about traveling there, it still makes for a wonderful holiday destination. Please find some travel precautions listed below:

  • Liaise with trusted contacts regarding possible protest sites
  • Avoid any protests that may materialize and locations where security forces appear to be deployed
  • Consider deferring nonessential travel
  • If travel is unavoidable, exercise a high degree of caution in affected areas and heed the instructions of authorities
  • Maintain a low profile, restrict night-time movements and vary routines
  • Ensure people know where you are going, when you expect to arrive and return
  • Do not attempt to drive through areas where protesters are blocking roads
  • Allow additional driving time if operating near protest hot-spots or affected areas
  • Leave the area immediately and seek shelter in a secure location away from government buildings if violence erupts nearby
  • Carry proper identification and travel documents at all times
  • Remain polite and non-confrontational if stopped at a security checkpoint
  • Stock up on fuel and other essential items when available
  • Minimize long-distance nonessential overland travel until the situation returns to normal
  • Ensure sufficient fuel for a return journey before driving long distances, particularly in rural areas
  • Confirm all transport reservations