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Financial year-end decisions – make or break you

SATIBFinancial year-end decisions – make or break you

DC image for jan newsletter 31 Jan 2019

Right decisions made at your company year-end could save you from going under.


The financial year-end forces us to quantify and qualify our previous years’ decisions, like it or not. Each year the dreaded month looms, and we don’t seem to be ready to tackle it head on with educated and enthusiastic numbers, goals and budgets. As a result, we seem to rush headlong into another year with unmeasured or concisely calculated indexes regardless of the dramatic affects they could have over another year.


Insurance is often perceived to be a grudge purchase. Without reading the small print and discussing your policy with your broker to find out if your cover is enough, could result in dire financial consequences. The latter being the ruin of many. Sadly, for any robust organisation, you can’t skimp on insurance. Ask yourself the question if you have the right cover and contingency plans in place?


It is critical, that you understand your insurance needs, and make the proper choices when selecting cover for yourself and your business. Many people make decisions on insurance based on trends, statistics and comparisons. The latter are sorely lacking in South Africa, however the lack of statistics isn’t an indication that the industry is stagnant or not innovative. To the contrary, and as many of you may know already (from emails received from us) due to our company growth last year, the SATIB Head Office, based in KZN, is moving to new offices.


As a trusted partner, I can assure you that SATIB will again provide the excellent service and support you deserve to minimise the risks you face as we venture further into 2019. Should you wish to discuss your current or additional cover further, please do get in touch with us.