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Don’t allow RISK to manage you.

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Risk is always present. It’s how you manage it that matters


Mitigating risk. Sounds impressive, but what exactly does it mean? And, perhaps more importantly, what does it mean for you?


In any business environment, risk is something which is ever present. If you are a tour operator, for instance, there are a number of different factors which add to the risk of you making a profit. Will the plane land on time? Will any passenger fall ill? Will the car collecting passengers break down on the way? The list is endless.


Understanding the risks – all the risks – facing you and your guests is critical to you running your business properly, but it is only one side of the coin. Mitigating the risk, or rather managing it, is equally important. There is no point understanding a risk factor if you are not going to do something to make easier to manage that risk when it occurs.


Insurance is, obviously, one of the most important things a business must have to mitigate risk. But do you have the right cover? In this second newsletter we look at two important factors we believe are critical to mitigating risk.


In the first article, we explore a product we have developed called PAXSURE. This product bridges the gap between your responsibility as a tour operator, and the shortfalls in the current Road Accident Fund (RAF). It is effectively a motor personal accident policy which pays out for death and disability, regardless of who was at fault or whether or not the RAF will or won’t pay out.


And, apart from dealing with the aftermath of a crisis through proper insurance, there is also a need to properly manage any incidents after they occur.


CIMS is a company within the First Equity group specialising in the provision of critical incident management and related services (CIMS). It provides supporting technology, processes and procedures to assist companies across Africa, and globally, manage the risks they face, or have the potential to face.


We are highlighting these two components of our service offering because we believe both of them provide unique solutions to managing your risk. Don’t be fooled; there is an ever present risk in anything you do. But, importantly, it’s your responsibility to manage that risk when it occurs.


As a responsible business owner ourselves, we believe it is important to give our clients the tools to make informed, and meaningful decisions. Through our newsletters we are hoping to impart useful information to you, which will help you navigate the sometimes tricky terrain of running a business.


We hope you are benefitting from these articles and we welcome your feedback. If there is a specific topic you would like us to cover please email us at ….. and will work towards including it in one of our future editions.