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CIMS – A must for remote operators and establishments

SATIBCIMS – A must for remote operators and establishments

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Operating a business in Africa requires a diverse set of skills. Understanding the market, knowledge of local nuances per territory and sector, creating a framework for business, and meeting the needs of clients are just a few of the abilities your company needs.


Meeting client and staff needs extends to include safety and security. As hosts or employers you have a duty of care to ensure they return to their homes having had fantastic experiences. But in any business and travel environment incidents occur which involve either staff or guests, and which must be handled as professionally and quickly as possible. It is how you handle them that will make all the difference.


CIMS is a company within the First Equity group specializing in the provision of critical incident management and related services (CIMS).


CIMS provides supporting technology, processes and procedures to assist companies across Africa, and globally, manage risks they face, or have the potential to face.


Operating in remote or challenging environments requires threat, vulnerability and risk assessments. These are the basis of planning to understand and cater for incidents and eventualities which could lead to danger, injury, or even death, of staff or clients.

Companies conducting operations in remote, hazardous or inaccessible locations should have robust safety and security plans in place. Prior planning makes getting assistance quicker and disaster avoidance easier and more predictable. So it is imperative that companies engage in this process and build their internal capacity in addition to engaging external providers.


Apart from the legal requirements or trade regulations following an incident, duty of care and doing the right thing are as important and vital.


Emergency Preparedness (EP) should cover all the bases, where all potential stakeholders have input. Threats and vulnerabilities must be identified, risks analysed, and mitigation measures put in place to reduce effects as far as is reasonably and practically possible.


Duty of care to staff, clients, and all persons should take priority with life and safety being the over-riding factor to consideration. Priorities are to protect people first through quick response to significant triggers, effective command and control, communication, coordination, and prior planning and preparation. This will go a long way to mitigate potential loss and reputational damage.


CIMS’ operations centre revolves around an ultra-high tech centralised operation cen­tre manned 24/7/365 by highly trained and experienced incident managers (former special military and police personnel) capable of co-ordinating multiple resources for numerous incident types regardless of severity or geographical location.


Incidents include medical and security emergencies, evacuations, tele-medical consulta­tions, trauma counselling, crisis media consultancy, and legal liability management.


In addition, the operations centre has access to global and local intelligence feeds and sources that monitor major incidents that could affect clients. These include political instability, terrorist attacks, environmental and disease warnings.


Once identified these are detailed in electronic communication and distributed to relevant clients in the potential areas of impact, allowing them to take mitigating steps to reduce the impacts on their operations, as well as reducing the potential risk to both employees and guests.

CIMS also specialises in the provision of high-tech programmes and systems to support various industry/market sectors.


Get in touch with the team at CIMS to learn more about our services which will provide you with peace of mind when operating in remote African territories.